Colt 1861 Navy percussion revolver, Cal. .36 in., rifled round barrel 190 mm (7 1/2 inch) long with loading lever attached.

Made by Colt's Patent Fire Arms Manufacturing Co, Hartford, Connecticut. Serial number 27987, 1866.

Physical Description

Six chambered cylinder engraved with naval battle scene lightly worn, large rounded brass trigger guard, steel frame, brass back strap, wooden grips, blade front sight. Knurling on hammer is of typical London style framed in an inverted 'U'. Barrel address is one-line New York address. Triggerguard right hand side screw missing.


The 1861 Colt Navy followed on from the 1860 Colt Army in general design and appearance with the obvious exception that it was produced in the Naval calibre of .36 in. rather than the Army's .44 in. It had a relatively short production of thirteen years with a total production figure of 38,843. Undoubtedly many more would have been produced were it not for the introduction of metallic cartridge ammunition and the disastrous fire at the Colt factory in 1864. Production of this model declined markedly after this date.

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