Colt No.3 rimfire Deringer, 2nd model, cal. .41in., rifled round barrel 64 mm (2 1/2 inch) long,

Made by Colt's Patent Fire Arms Manufacturing Co, Hartford, Connecticut. Serial number 5602. Production by year not recorded on Derringer models, but circa 1880.

Physical Description

Release latch on frame left hand.side, barrel hinges to right for loading. Silver plated brass frame with some abrassions, steel barrel with bladed front sight, slanted hammer characteristic of the 2nd model, knurling on hammer is crisp, inverted U style, light blueing on hammer remains, sheath trigger, wooden birdshead grips. Stamped on barrel '-COLT-' and onleft hand side frame '41 CAL'. Trigger pivot screwhead on left hand side damaged.


The No.3 Colt Deringer, also known as the Thuer model after a patented design by F. Alexander Theur, was the most popular of the three Colt Deringer models. Production ran from 1875 through until 1912 with 45,000 of this model being made. The serial numbers are often stamped beneath the grips, and are not visible unless the grips are removed. The No.3 came in several different variations, or models, with changes being made to the shape of the hammer or the size of the grips. This pistol is the No.3 2nd model with the slanting hammer, as opposed to the upright hammer of the 1st model, or larger grips of the 3rd model.

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