The Borg-Warner 35 automatic gearbox was first developed during the 1950s in the United States for smaller capacity engines. It features three forward and one reverse gear. This unit was fitted to a wide variety of European and Australian-built motor cars including Chrysler Valiant, Ford Cortina & Capri, MGB, X6, Leyland P76 and Humber Hawk. BMC/Leyland, Ford and Chrysler fitted the Type 35 as standard equipment in their Australian-built cars. The Museum's unit is a Model ASI-35CE, serial no.1596. In the early 1970s the Borg-Warner 35 was scheduled to be fitted to the Australian-designed and built Ilinga sports car but production of the Ilinga did not proceed, due in part to the failure of the Type 35 gearbox to handle the power of a modified V8 from the Leyland P76 delivering about 220 brake horsepower.

Borg-Warner manufactured this unit at its Fairfield, NSW factory.

Physical Description

Borg-Warner 35 automatic gearbox which has been sectioned and painted for exhibition with chromed internal components.

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