Telefunken capacitor, used for short wave wireless transmission. Made by A. W. A. in Sydney, Australia. Capacitors are also known by the term: condenser.

The capacitance of the five connected capacitors is 1.7 nF (about 2 Jars); measured on 1 August 2012 using a Digitech QM1538.

Physical Description

Black wooden block supporting two ribbed white vertical insulators, which, in turn, support a horizontal plate, which, in turn supports six horizontal glass tubes, each closed at one end . Each tube is covered by metal foil covering 80% of the length. The six tubes are held together by two coiled springs.The open end of each tube is stoppered by a cork each with a terminal. All six terminals are connected together by metal bars, There is a single terminal below the tubes at the same end of the device. The central rod has been removed from one of the tubes so only five tubes are actually connected electrically. It is stored in a plastic bag attached to the object.

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