Typewriter of the typewheel, curved index class manufactured by Gundka-Werk of Brandenburg, Germany. This machine was first produced in 1924 and marketed under many mames, including G&K, Frolio, Scripta, Perlita, Write-Easy and Gefro. This Frolio Model 3 is a fairly early version, the most common being the Frolio Model 7.
To use the Frolio the index pointer is moved along the curved scale to the desired character. Movement of the pointer rotates the typewheel to bring the appropriate character to the printing point and pressing the pointer handle down forces the typewheel against the ink ribbon and paper. Two shift keys and a space key are also provided.

Physical Description

Black-painted metal frame on wooden baseboard. (Baseboard crudely made, probably not original.) Cylindrical platen on carriage.Typewheel with three rows of characters around periphery mounted on vertical axis in front of platen. Circular arc index with moving pointer and operating knob. Index marked with one set of lower case letters, one set of upper case letters, and one set of numbers and other characters. Comb below index controls alignment of pointer when operating knob is pressed. Two shift keys and one space key located beside left-hand end of index. Black metal case fits over machine but does not fit properly on baseboard.

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