Mahogany cabinet for housing microscope slides. Slides prepared during mid 70s by JC Cox as a project on the rabbit parasite encephalition cuniculi. Used by Commonwealth Serum Laboratories (CSL) Ltd., Parkville, Victoria.

Physical Description

Varnished wooden box with two doors on front with clear glass panes. Lockable, with metal handle at top. Flat, custom drawers, velvet lined, contain samples mounted on glass slides. Drawers are numbered 1 - 27 (28 drawers: handle no. 28 missing), labelled with such names as 'Wild Rabbit', 'Horse Slides', 'Monkey', 'Fahey', 'GVH' and 'Misc'. Each drawer contains three rows of approx 10-15 slides. Not all are full.


Example of laboratory equipment used at CSL in the 1970s

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