Centrifuge used at laboratory bench to separate out componets in a solution. Apparatus spins at high speed. Contents within the tube are separated according to it's size and weight. Larger heavier particles sink to the bottom of tube, lighter particles float within the solution. Intended for permanent mounting. No speed control. Operated with a timer switch. Speed goes up to 3500rpm. A variety of hard rubber inserts enable use of 3 different sizes of centrifuge tube. Used at Commonwealth Serum Laboratories (CSL) Ltd., Parkville, Victoria. c1920

Physical Description

2 parts. Cream cylindrical vessel on black metal stand which contains electric motor. Removable disc lid with four metal points of attachment, and two metal handles. Insode, four metal circular rings, hinged, contain two metal cylinders on rotating hub. Rod extends through lid, sheathing a glass tube with fluid, and marked in increments from 500-3000. Electric powered by black power cord.


An early example of laboratory equipment used at CSL when first established.

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