Kymograph: a compact 1960s period version with multi-speed all-electric drive and built time-base circuit. Measures changes in physiological processes. Used in venom research. Consists of kymograph, roll white kymograph paper, kymograph drum. Scientific and Research Instruments Ltd, England. Kymograph paper: specially coated on one side so the drawing point (straw of glass fibre) will write smoothly. Used by Commonwealth Serum Laboratories (CSL) Ltd, Parkville, Victoria.

Physical Description

cylinder grey sits on silver rod inserted into cube shaped grey box which serves as a base. Front on box, light grey, has black orange red and silver dials and knobs. A horizontal bar, light grey, as attached to top lhs of box. Another grey cylinder into top of bar, lhs


Example of equipment used for anti-venom research at CSL

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