The kymograph unit consists of drying peg, horizontal rod, smoking and varnishing stand, pendulum electric contacting, pump-respirator, power table, kymograph table, spare drum unit, smoked paper chart, soot burner, manometer unit and animal table. The unit was used for research on vasopressin and oxytocin, venoms, thyroid extract, insulin, antibiotics and some blood products. It was used by Dr JA Broben, B Mengoni, E Polascek, C Guthrie, G Kaufman.
The unit records physiological changes resulting in movement of a stylus on smoked paper. The recorder could be set up to measure the following: to record blood pressure and pulse of a living animal, the depth and rate of breathing, or the movement of a piece of isolated muscle. Used at Commonwealth Serum Laboratories, Parkville

Physical Description

1 drying peg, horizontal rod, 2 smoking and varnishing stand, 3 pendulum electric contacting, 4 pump-respirator, 5 power table, 6 kymograph table, 7 spare drum unit, 8 smoked paper chart, 9 soot burner, 10 manometer unit, 11 animal table. paper wood copper brass cast iron rubber glass plastic


Example of equipment used at CSL

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