Folded accommodation plan for Shaw Savill Liner S.S. Southern Cross. Black and white illustrated plans of the ship, showing the sun deck, lounge deck, promenade deck, main deck, saloon deck, A deck, B deck and lower deck with swimming pool. Back of plan shows front cover and back cover, when folded, with text and illustrations in black and white. Southern Cross was in service from 1955-1972 and made four world voyages each year from Southampton to Australia. Up to 1160 tourist class passengers could be accommodated.

The Southern Cross was the first aft engined passenger liner ever built, the first one class passenger liner built and the first true passenger as she did not carry cargo. She was also the first merchant ship launched by a reigning British monarch, launched by Queen Elizabeth II on 17 August 1954. She sailed on her maiden voyage in March 1955 from Southampton to Las Palmas, Cape Town, Durban, Fremantle, Melbourne, Sydney, Auckland, Wellington, Fiji, Tahiti, the Panama Canal, Curacao, Trinidad and back to Southampton. The Southern Cross was purpose built to sail to Australia and New Zealand, taking emigrating Britons to Australia and New Zealand, and returning with Australians and New Zealanders on holiday. With the increase in air travel making sailing from Britain to Australia less profitable the Southern Cross was sold to the Ulysses Cruise Line in 1973 and renamed Calypso. Sold several times to different cruise lines between 1973 and 2003 she was she was sold for scrap in mid 2003.

Physical Description

Folded, single-sided pamphlet on matt paper. Black and white illustrations and text. Text in English.

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