Pair of port socks in red and white, with knitted inscriptions including the words 'Sigma-Aldrich Corporation'. Still in plastic wrapping. Manufactured by Bosun.

Sigma-Aldrich Corporation's website describes the company as a 'Life Science and High Technology company', with 'biochemical and organic chemical products and kits...used in scientific and genomic research, biotechnology, pharmaceutical development, the diagnosis of disease and as key components in pharmaceutical and other high technology manufacturing.' (accessed 5/6/2008)

The socks include names of several members of the Sigma-Aldrich Corporation Group. 'SUPELCO' is located in Bellefonte, Pennsylvania, USA, and researchs and manufactures chromatography columns and related tools for laboratories. Fluka has two chemical plants at Seelze near Hannover and at Buchs in the Rhine valley near St Gallen. Riedel-de Haen is another Sigma-Aldrich Corporation Group brand.

Bosun Knitting Mills Pty Ltd was established in Mulgrave in 1993. It makes corporate profile and product articles.

Physical Description

White cotton, nylon, lycra sport socks with red heel and toe cap, with inscriptions knitted in. In clear plastic wrap, printed on top edge.

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