Compaq Ipaq pocket pc, used circa 2000.

A Museum Victoria staff member wrote: "At Museum Victoria we have used PocketPC devices for regular organiser functions, keeping track of appointments, contacts, and reading email. We also use specialised units with built in bar-code scanners for control of office and building assets and another barcode type PocketPC device with built in wireless networking to keep an inventory of collection objects using software developed by museum staff. For multimedia operations, we use PocketPC based handheld devices with built in wireless networking to control and monitor multimedia exhibits in the galleries. For instance, we can walk into a gallery and adjust the volume levels of an exhibit by adjusting the controls on our hand-held pc's screen. Further uses of the Pocket PC have been proposed where specially modified units can be loaned to visitors and as they walk around the galleries, specific information, including multimedia relating to an exhibit can be beamed out to their device.

The Compaq Ipaq is an early model made by Compaq and ran the PocketPC 2002 operating system. Its hardware specifications are a 200MHz StrongARM processor made by Intel, combined with 32MB RAM and 32MB ROM. It has a colour 200 x 300 pixel display and can be expanded by attaching a large plastic sleeve which can hold further expansion devices. It was originally purchased for the Multimedia manager as an organiser device but when he upgraded to a new machine was relegated to being a test machine for the development of hand held interfaces for the multimedia system. During this stage of its life it developed a problem which caused the display on the screen to become inverted."

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This item contains the following: Packaging Two plastic carrying cases, The pocket pc and cradle , Expansion pack and PC card expansion pack Power supply unit Stylus and PC companion accessories (*2) Leather style pack Quick tips Getting started (including a CD -software reference guide) CD in package - ActiveSync 3.1, Closable plastic envelope containing * Discovering Microsoft Outlook 2000 * Warranty, License Agreement * Product ID card, Registration card * Getting Started with ActiveSync * Accessories Information * Program License Agreement * How do I get support ..., Read this first

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