Tool rest or hand rest holder, used to insert through lathe bed to hold both tool rests and timber rests. Circa 1920.

Used in the woodturning business of Adolph Bruhn & Son, South Melbourne, 1970-1990, and previously in Little Collins Street, Melbourne. The business made a wide range of wooden products, including tables and architectural mouldings, and undertook specialist turning tasks. Part of a collection of nearly 900 items, including a lathe, cutting tools, hand tools, products, workshop fittings, office equipment, portraits, and an accounts ledger.

Physical Description

.1 L-shaped weight with a rimmed rectangular hollow along centre bottom of longer length, welded at 90 degree angle to round pole with a round hollow centre, which has a round protrusion on side near top with thread hole to hold tommy bar which is missing. Bottom end has wooden block inserted and held in place by loose hexagonal bolt and square bolt screwed to bottom end. Found in Area B2 in workshop, resting near lathe.

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