Cottage style tea set manufactured by Price Bros., England, circa 1938 and used in Footscray, Victoria, Australia, circa 1938-1992.
Purchased from a shop in Hopkin Street, Footscray as an engagement or wedding gift for the donor in 1938. Not used often but used 'just for show'.

Price Bros was an earthenware manufacturer that was established at the Crown Works, Burslem, Staffordshire, England, 1896. After 1903, the company continued as Price Bros (Burslem) Ltd at a different works and changed it's name again in 1962 to Price and Kensington Potteries Ltd. The company is still in operation.

Physical Description

Tea set comprised of a teapot, cream jug and sugar bowl. The teapot is in the shape and design of a cottage house. The body of teapot is square; spout and handle represent branches; front illustrates an interior scene with chairs, grandfather clock and two windows with yellow brick walls; rear illustration is internal with two chairs, windows and hearth with mantlepiece and black pot hung over fire. The top section of pot is in shape of tiled roof and it has a separate lid. The sugar bowl is in the design of a small cottage house. Square in shape with yellow bricks, it has windows on each side and a door at one of the corners. Plants are growing up each wall. The bowl has a separate lid. The milk jug is in the design of a two storey cottage house with a handle in the shape of a tree. The jug is square-shaped with two windows on each side and plants growing up the walls. The door is on the corner section.

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