Alternative Name(s): Headpiece; Going Away Outfit

White broderie anglaise hat, in half moon shape. Part of a wedding outfit consisting of a sleeveless Swiss broderie dress, jacket, hat, veil, gloves and stockings. Designed by bride Josee Breukel and made by a haute couture dressmaker in Breda, Netherlands, it was intended to be worn as an evening gown following her marriage.

Josee emigrated from the Netherlands on 7 July 1952 and moved to New Zealand, where she married on 23 August 1952. Her husband Hans was born in Indonesia of Dutch parents, but was unable to settle in the Netherlands following World War II, and thus chose to move to New Zealand. Both of their children were born in New Zealand. In 1960 they moved to Europe, living in the Netherlands, Luxembourg and England, before finally moving to Melbourne on 23 November 1963, where they settled permanently.

Physical Description

White broderie anglaise, in half moon shape. Wire at back inserted by hand; wire in front inserted by hand. Double layer of ruffled tulle attached to front wire by hand. Would have had veil gathered at back.

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