Dinner Menu from the ship MN Oceania on the Italian Lloyd Triestino Line. The Menu is printed in Italian and English and was used on the 5th January 1956. It is part of a collection of ship menus collected by Margaret Wood an officer in the Department of Immigration from 1951-1960. As part of her role Margaret often met migrant ships arriving at Station Pier in Melbourne if the ships arrived at mealtimes, she would be invited on board to join people for a meal.

Margaret first worked in the Department of Alien Assimilation which focused on migrants post arrival, before moving to the Assisted Division which handled the reception of assisted European migrants arriving in Melbourne. Her final position was working for the General Assisted Passage Scheme, assisting migrants from the US, Scandinavia and Switzerland who came individually on general ships as opposed to migrant ships. She recalls her time with the Department with great pleasure. She was a young single woman and had just finished an Arts degree at Melbourne University. When she applied to the Public Service, she was placed with the Department of Immigration, as she spoke German. She left when she married in 1961 as per the policy at that time.

Physical Description

White card menu featuring black and white photo of the Dolomites, Italy on the cover. The menu is in both Italian and English and includes soups, several mains (hot and cold), side dishes, dessert, fruit, cheese and coffee.

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