Medal awarded by National Agricultural Society of Victoria, 1st Prize for light dry white wine to Hans W.H. Irvine, owner of the Great Western winery, 1889.

The National Agricultural Society of Victoria (now known as Royal Agricultural Society of Victoria) was formed in 1870 from the Port Phillip Farmers' Society. Farmers' societies were formed with the intention of matching farming methods with the needs of a steadily increasing Australian population. In 1870 the National Agricultural Society of Victoria set up a new show site at Emerald Hill in South Melbourne. The current showgrounds in Ascot Vale were established in 1882, and have been the base for the Royal Melbourne Show ever since.

In May 1890 Queen Victoria assented to the use of the 'Royal' prefix by the Society in recognition of its ongoing contribution to the improvement of agriculture. The Society then became the Royal Agricultural Society of Victoria and the Show, the Royal Melbourne Show. -Royal Agricultural Society of Victoria web site; Essendon Network for Employment, Education and Training web site; Glyn Rimmington, University of Melbourne, web site

"The Irvine Wine Collection was acquired by Museum Victoria in 1989. It represents the history of the Great Western Vineyard and the achievements of Hans William Henry Irvine, vigneron and politician, from 1888 until 1922. It comprises 130 items ranging from publications, marketing items, packaging materials, wine labels, award medals, ceramics, illuminated address, commemorative trowel, trophy plaques, wine makers tools, and silverware."

Physical Description

A silver prize medal (35 mm diameter) of the National Agricultural Society of Victoria awarded to Hans Irvine for white wine in 1889; it features Victoria standing facing holding a block of butter and surrounded by agricultural scene

Obverse Description

Victoria standing facing holding a block of butter and surrounded by agricultural scene which includes two horses, two sheep a bull a plough and a traction Engine

Reverse Description

Around wreath of wheat; NATIONAL AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY OF VICTORIA; within, AWARDED / TO / Hans W.H. Irvine / FIRST PRIZE / WHITE WINE / LIGHT DRY / 2 Years old or over / 1889

Edge Description


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