Cigarette card issued by BDV Cigarettes in the 1930s, as part of a set featuring famous sporting identities, including the champion race horse Phar Lap.

Physical Description

Cigarette card with semi-coloured image of Phar Lap with jockey Jim Pike aboard. Reverse side has coloured image of Western Australian Australian Rules footballer O.Lovelock.


The use of sporting figures (equine, mechanical and human) in cigarette cards was common from the 19th century. Usually sold singly with a cigarette packet, the marketing concept was presumably to reward brand loyalty with these little keepsakes and perhaps to encourage others - teenagers? - to take up the habit of smoking. Both Phar Lap and his (occasional) jockey Bill Elliot were logical choices as subjects. These cards further evidence the use of the Phar Lap name and image for commercial purposes.

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