Alternative Name(s): tin plaque

This mounted picture is a reproduction for mass circulation of Stuart Reid's 1931 portrait of Phar Lap, and is an example of the souvenirs which were produced and sold during Phar Lap's life. Jim Pike is wearing the red and green racing colours of the Telford/Davis partnership, which Phar Lap raced under during 1931 and 1932.

Physical Description

Rectangular metal plaque with a celluloid coated picture of a race horse and jockey on the front, with the names of the horse, horse's parents and jockey printed below. The jockey is wearing a black cap and red jacket with red and green hooped sleeves and is holding a whip. The horse is wearing a saddle and bridle, bit and reins, and is wearing white bandages around the bottom of its front legs. White painted rails run behind the horse, and a grandstand and stable buildings are visible in the background. The picture is badly faded from light exposure, and the celluloid coating is cracked and lifting in places.

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