Rope Plaiting Machine manufactured by Thomas Barraclough & Co. Limited. New electric fittings have been added to the machine after its construction.

It was used by R.V.I.B. workers at Factory in Prahran until a Prohibition Notice was issued in 1989 which prohibited it's use because it was not fitted with guards to prevent injury through contact with moving mechanisms (under regulation 10 of the Occupational Health and Safety Act (Machinery) 1985). Tom Jennings, a worker in the factory, remembers it being a very noisy machine but not dangerous to use.

Physical Description

Large metal machine on iron frame. There are main iron supports at either side. On top is system of 8 vertical bobbins (some still with coir on) arranged in a figure of 8. Across the top of these, extending from one side of machine to the other, is a metal beam in the centre of which are 2 rollers with a metal shoot issuing form the front side to midway down the front of machine (through which plait is expelled).

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