Trimming Machine manufactured in England some time between 1900 and 1972. It was used by visually impaired workers to trim pile on mats in matmaking workshop at the Royal Victorian Institute for the Blind. Originally the machine was steam powered but was converted to electricity with exhaust system attached in the 1980s to ease use.

Physical Description

Large piece of machinery with exhaust pipe extending out of triangular metal hood at top. Below hood is rectangular lid which lifts to reveal trimming blades. In front of lid is wooden surface. Behind this, and under the blades, is a spiked roller which draws mats through machine. On left hand side of machine is a blue metal cage around pulley and lever. On right hand side is a blue metal hood which encloses electrics. Below hood is on/off switch. On right side (below hood and in front of switch) is hand turned wheel used before electric conversion. Machine is supported on iron frame on each side. Under wooden surface, at bottom of machine, is a wooden and chipboard ramp where trimmed mats are ejected from machine.

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