Chart - Bath Regulations, Framed, circa 1920. Printed paper, headed 'Baths. / Regulations for the Guidance of the Attendants', that is contained (though not mounted) within a wooden frame, painted cream, that was made to hang on a wall. Use in a psychiatric hospital in Victoria, Australia probably at a time between 1900 - 1940. Probably hung in the bathroom. There are fifteen regulations for the Attendants to follow when giving the patients their weekly bath. A chart of regulations numbered 1 to 15 for baths for patients in a mental hospital in Victoria. (e.g. Rule no.5: Not more than three patients are to be bathed in the same water, and when practicable not more than one.)

Physical Description

The paper is worn, stained and spotted. Liquid has been splashed onto it at some stage. The original frame had chipped paint, a wooden back that curved at the top with a hole drilled in it to allow it to be hung. The original notice that was to be hung in the frame no longer exists; the 'Regulations' with the frame are later, and printed on a smaller piece of paper. They have been stuck to a piece of good nineteenth century paper to strengthen them. On the backing sheet are some hand-written regulations of an earlier date. They are not complete as the paper has been trimmed so as to obscure some of the words. The words include: 'they will be punished for having either surplus or deficiency of stock if the same be not satisfactorily accounted for' and '...attendant in charge of a ward when the patients are handed over to the night attendant is responsible for the ward [report]. any attendant who has been in charge of the ward [illeg] during the same day will afford to the attendant who re[illeg]all information necessary for the proper compilation of the report.'


Example of regulations in psychiatric hospitals in Victoria Australia

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    Psychiatric Services Collection

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    Medicine & Health, Public Life & Institutions

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    Donation from Office of Psychiatric Services, 1985

  • Place & Date Used

    Victoria, Australia, Circa 1920

  • Inscriptions

    BATHS/Regulations for the Guidance of the Attendants/ Rules No.1 to No.15. Extensive text includes: 'Every patient to be bathed immediately after admission, and once a week afterwards, unless exempted by medical order. ... cold water is always to be turned on first. .. not more thatn three patients are to be bathed in the same water, and when practicable not more than one ... under no circumstances whatever are two patients to occupy the bath at the same time ... during the employment of the bath the room is never to be left without an attendant. At all other times the door is to remain locked and the floor is to be kept dry ... under no pretence whatever is the patient's head to be put under water ... the keys are never to remain on the bath taps, nor are they to be employed by patients ... any marks, bruises, wounds, sores, local pain, evidences of disease of any kind, complained of by the patient or noticed by the attendant ... to be immediately reported to the Medical Officer ... the attendants are to bear in mind that, except under medical order, the baths are to be employed solely for the purpose of cleanliness ... neither the cold nor the shower bath is ever to be employed, except under medical order, and then only in presence of one of the officers ... it is the duty of the Head Warder to be present at all baths under medical order ...

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    Medicine & health, Mental health - institutional life, Rules & regulations

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    History & Technology

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