Dietary chart for Victorian Hospitals for the Insane dated 1 February 1910. This dietary chart outlines the daily allowances for patients and attendants in Victorian Hospitals for the Insane. It was approved by the Governor of Victoria and Executive Council on 11 January 1910. This chart was used in a mental health hospital in Victoria, Australia. It is an example of diet and nutrition at psychiatric hospitals in Victoria, Australia.

The chart sets out rations of bread, butter, tea, sugar milk, jam, golden syrup, oatmeal, meat, potatoes, rice (Wednesday and Friday), and peas for patients and attendants. Working patients were rationed additional bread and some cheese; paying patients received more bread and some coffee, and attendants had rations of cheese, coffee and flour added to their allocations. Extra allowances of flour, sugar, currants or raisins were given on on Christmas Day and the Sovereign's birthday.

Physical Description

Paper chart with printed black text in wooden frame with glass.

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