Sign hung in the Administration Offices of Newmarket Saleyards.

A large number of dogs were always present at the Newmarket Saleyards, either tied up or roaming in and around the offices and yards. The dogs were used by drovers to herd and control stock. Drovers generally had more than one dog, and often had up to 25 dogs working for them to move large numbers of stock or replace dogs that were being rested. Dogs were tied up in the 'milch cow' yards, or around the office area. If drovers were staying overnight at the saleyards, dogs were sometimes kennelled in a special area located in the adjacent abattoirs. When the sale bell rang they would all bark in unison. Dogs were often considered more valuable than humans for livestock handling.

Physical Description

Painted wooden notice. Yellow lettering on green background; black and red lettering on white background. Two holes at top for hanging sign.

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