This certificate accompanied a jug made by William Adams and Sons, Tunstall, England. The jug and certificate were one of a range of souvenirs produced in 1934-35 to commemorate the centenary of white settlement of Victoria. It shows the change in the landscape of Melbourne over 100 years, picking up the theme of progress from wilderness to urbanization which was the predominant theme of the centenary. As the certificate guarantees, only 200 of these jugs were produced, as one of the more expensive souvenirs of the centenary of the European settlement of Melbourne.

The jug and certificate were owned by Morongo Presbyterian Girls' College which closed in 1994. It joined a collection of porcelain donated to the school in 1927 by Mr Norman Clark. Mr Clark believed that an important facet in the education of girls was to be surrounded by beautiful objects of art.

Physical Description

Printed A3 sized certificate. Text printed in brown and red ink surrounded by a floral border. Centre top of certificate has an image of a seal showing the master potter. Lower right corner of certificate shows an image of a jug.

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