Oil painting titled 'An Evening at the International Exhibition' by British genre painter William Powell Frith, circa 1888.

Frith exhibited a number of works in the British Fine Art Court at the Melbourne Centennial International Exhibition (MCIE) which was held in the (Royal) Exhibition Building from 1 August 1888 to 31 January 1889. No evidence has been located to show that Frith visited Melbourne during the MCIE. It is possible he did, or that he was inspired to create this work from the numerous illustrations of the Exhibition published in British newspapers.

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Oil painting - A Evening at the International Exhibition

Physical Description

Oil painting on canvas with wooden, semi-moulded and semi-gilded and painted frame. Depicts a crowd scene outside the southern facade of the Royal Exhibition Building during the 1888-1889 Centennial Exhibition. An evening scene, it shows the electric lighting on the exterior of the Building, which was a major Exhibition draw card. Crowds visited the Exhibition at night to promenade and to frequent the spectacular popular concert program.

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