Poster announcing a public meeting of rate payers in Northcote, to urge the Government of Victoria to provide work for the unemployed, held at Northcote Town Hall on 17 February 1894.

The meeting was chaired by the Mayor of Northcote, William Hutton, and speakers included Sir Graham Berry and D. Methven, members of the Victorian Legislative Assembly.

Northcote, a working-class suburb in the late 19th century, was hard-hit by the 1890's depression. Reports of the meeting indicate a clear view that the government, both colonial and local, had a responsibility to alleviate the suffering of the unemployed and to provide work. A report of the meeting appeared in The Age, 28 February 1894.

The brickworks in Northcote were one of the first industries to feel the full impact of the slump in building activity.

Physical Description

A poster on yellowing paper on which are stencilled the words, in black.

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