Printers proof consisting of six various sized photographs of Phar Lap, glued onto a sheet of thick cardboard, with text handwritten in pencil.

It is believed that this is a mock-up for a page of the Sporting Globe newspaper, published by the Herald and Weekley times, in the early 1930s.

Physical Description

Printers proof consisting of a collage made up of six black and white photographs showing Phar Lap. Photograph no.1 shows Phar Lap, leaving a stable, covered in a blanket with a strapper. Photograph no.2 shows Phar Lap rolling in the sand with the same person standing next to him, holding the strap. No.3 is a photograph of a horse stud, looking towards some hills. No.4 is a portrait of Phar Lap's head,wearing a blanket on his neck, which is only just visible. No.5 is the portrait of a jockey's head. He is wearing his jockey's cap and outfit. Photograph no.6 is another portrait of Phar Lap, taken from the side. He is standing in a sandy area on a field,with a tree in the background. The back of the cardboard has a lot of writing and scribble on it. It has a stamp on it,which has been circled with a blue pencil, a torn label and the handwritten word "save", plus some initials (handwritten),have also been crossed out with blue pencil. The photographs are mounted on brown cardboard, and have been trimmed, probably for printing purposes.

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