Printers proof consisting of three various sized photographs of Phar Lap, glued onto a sheet of thick cardboard, with text handwritten in pencil.

It is believed that this is a mock-up for a page of the Sporting Globe newspaper, published by the Herald and Weekley times, in the early 1930s.

Physical Description

Printers proof consisting of a collage of Phar Lap, made up of three black and white photographs, which are mounted on brown cardboard.The photograph in the top right-hand corner, which is marked 1A, shows Phar Lap rolling in the sand in a fenced area,which is possibly on a ship.Two men are outside the area, looking on.The photograph in the centre of the collage,marked 1B, shows one of the men holding the gate open, while Phar Lap stands in the entrance to the area, looking down at the sand.The second man's head and shoulders are visible, he is on the left side of the photograph.The bottom-left photograph, 1C, shows Phar Lap standing outside a stable, with his strapper and a group of nine men, dressed in suits and hats.The man closest to the stable door is hardly visible, only part his hat, face and legs can be seen.The cardboard has writing and lines in pencil on it.

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