Broadsheet published by K.J. McLeod and printed by Barndana Pty. Ltd. in 1970. It was collected by the donor during his involvement in the anti Vietnam war campaign. Four million copies of this broadsheet were produced and distributed throughout Australia and New Zealand. Of all the moratorium publications, this one received the largest print run. The picture on the cover shows part of a photograph taken following the American Army attack on My Lai,16 March 1968. The American forces believed the village was harbouring members of the Viet Cong. A rampage of rape and murder ensued, predominantly against civilian women, children and elderly people. Between 400 and 500 people were killed. The massacre at My Lai became known as one of the most significant acts of wartime brutality in the course of the Vietnam War and a major symbol of all that was believed to be wrong about the War.

Physical Description

This is a printed black and white broadsheet, stating objections to the Vietnam War and urging Australians to join a moratorium to protest against the war.

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