A recruitment poster mounted on cardboard with support for standing up. Features an image of a man on camel with another man standing beside him in Arabian style clothing.

According to the War Memorial, the photographon the poster was taken by D. Parer in 1940 of Private J. James on a camel ride. It was one of a series of Australian Commonwealth Military Forces recruitment posters during World War II. The War Memorial holds a copy of the same poster, that it dates to 1943.

Damien Peter Parer (1912-1944) was a film-maker and photographer whose credits included Forty Thousand Horsemen for Charles Chauvel. His film of the Kokoda front line won an Oscar in 1943. He worked for the Commonwealth Department of Information during World War II, filming troops in action in the Middle East in 1940; he also filmed in Lybia, Greece and Syria. In 1943 he left the Department of Information to work for Paramount News. He was killed by Japanese gunfire in 1944 during the the invasion of Peleliu Island.

Physical Description

Cardboard poster with plain back and attached support for standing up. The upper background is coloured yellow. A woman's hand holds a a photograph of a camel with a young man in uniform seated on it and a man in Arab style dress standing beside them. Under the top left of that photograph a bundle of letters in black and white tied with red ribbon.

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