Alternative Name(s): Glo-Weave Great Shape
Men's shirt manufactured in the 1960s by Gloweave Consolidated P/L located in Brunswick Street, Fitzroy.

The Melbourne-based company was established in 1944 under the name Comfort Shirt and Underclothing Manufacturing Company and originally made military shirts and undergarmets. In 1950 Saul Same changed the organisation's focus by designing shirts that were more stylish and fashionable and the business soon became a well-respected menswear retailer. Four years later the company changed its name to Gloweave, the nylon fabric name of its most popular and best selling shirt. Gloweave is still in operation today and has expanded its range to include a wide variety of men's and women's clothing.

This tapered business shirt was manufactured during the 1960s and was made from 100% cotton woven fabric with a stretch weave.

Physical Description

White Glo-Weave shirt with red, black and white stripes. It has a wide collar and long sleeves. The buttons are black. It is currently folded on a piece of cardboard and the collar is held in place with plastic and cardboard supports. The shirt is packaged in a plastic bag with red and black writing on it. This packaging and the way the shirt is folded are subject to change.

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