Pencil Drawing by Thomas Le. It depicts the five nights spent at sea by Mai and her fellow refugees. It is one of a series of illustrations commissioned by the Immigration Museum used to tell the story of Mai Ho a Vietnamese 'boat person' who arrived in Australia in the 1970s. Copies of the illustrations were displayed but Thomas decided to donate the originals to the collection. Thomas is also a Vietnamese migrant who arrived in Australian in 1978 after leaving Vietnam.

Physical Description

Pencil drawing in colour. The first frame shows the sea in the middle of a storm, with the small refugee boat almost being engulfed by the waves. The second frame depicts the refugee boat being chased by pirates, the men are standing ready to defend their families. The final frame shows the refugees crammed into the hold of the boat. The use of black and white in this frame helps convey the fear and despair faced by many refugees because of the difficulty of the journey.

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