Necklace commissioned by Prue Acton from the Melbourne jeweller Marcos Davidson in the period 1980 - 1985. The bone was provided by Universal Meats of Melbourne, and prepared by a restaurant in the Block Arcade.

It was worn by the donor.

Physical Description

Necklace of black leather thonging with five painted and varnished wooden beads, one carved oxtail bone, brown buttons and flower caps.


For jewellery using bones, Universal Meats of Melbourne provided bones. A Melbourne restaurant in Block Arcade, cooked the bones, kept the meat and stoc stock, put the bones in a pizza oven to dry - smell caused problems. Later bones were boiled in studio of Marcus Davidson,Block Arcade using coco cola lime and sterident and left to dry in the sun.
Smell continued to cause problems with other residents of Block Arcade.

Photographs of this jewellery being made are with Marcus Davidson, Flinders Lane, Melbourne (personal communication with Marcus Davidson 16/5/1996. NB: According to ex staff every range was accessorised for local and overseas markets.

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