This pictorial map of Melbourne was created in 1934 as a souvenir to mark the centenary of European settlement of Victoria. It was designed by O.J. Dale and sponsored by Dunlop Perdriau Rubber.

Physical Description

Colour map, featuring the city of Melbourne. In the upper left corner, there is a description of what is displayed in the map. In the upper right corner, there is a map of Victoria. In the lower left corner, there is a list of places worth visiting. Across the top of map are two banners with significant dates and events in Melbourne's history identified. In between these is an illustration of Collins Street, 1840. Down the side edges are 12 medallion portraits of Great Men in Melbourne's history. Across the bottom of the map are two banners promoting the sponsor of the map, Dunlop Perdriau Rubber. In between these banners is an illustration of Collins Street, 1934.

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