Colour poster promoting an Eight Hour Day procession held on 25 April 1921. Proceeds from the procession were donated to the Victorian Trades Hall Building Fund. The Eight Hour Day march commemorated a successful protest march held on April 21, 1856 by Victorian stonemasons and other members of the building trades. The protest resulted in an agreement by the Victorian Government to ensure all workers on public sites had an eight hour working day. In recognition of the significance of this achievement, April 21 was made a public holiday in 1879 and commemorative marches were held each year from 1879 until 1951. The Eight Hour Day holiday was renamed Labour Day in 1934. In 1955 the Labour Day march and celebrations were replaced by Moomba celebrations.

Physical Description

Printed, A3-sized cardboard poster. Printed text in red and dark blue ink advertising sports programme events and prize money. Upper section of poster has a photograph of the Victorian Trades Hall building.

More Information