Stock agent sign. Hung in the Administrative Offices at Newmarket Saleyards. Signs were located on the outside wall of each office located along passage ways.

The number of stock and station agents that operated at Newmarket varied widely from year to year. Over the years small personalised stock and station agencies bowed to pressure from larger firms and were taken over. From the original seventeen agents operating when Newmarket saleyards officially opened in 1861, there grew to be thirty-nine operating agents in November 1914. By the time the Newmarket closure was announced in 1985 only twelve companies represented the surviving associated stock and station agents of Melbourne. Six carried original business names: Dalgety Farmers, Elders Pastoral, Victorian Producers Co-Operative, Gippsland and Northern Co-Operative Co., Quiney Mawbey, and Challenge Mercantile Fisken Read. The remaining six included principals and staff from many long-serving organisations of the industry: Brian Rodwell & Co., Webster Richardson and Gillespie, Crowe and Plaisted, Pat O'Connell Livestock, Mick Hornsby & Co., and Keiran McNamara & Co.

Physical Description

Sign with logo on top right hand side, large blue border on top and bottom edges with print on botton. Rear of sign has detailed plans for the construction of a draw bridge or race for cattle.

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