Four piece ensemble, consisting of a hand decorated coat, two piece body stocking and a lap-lap.

It was designed by Prue Acton and her team for 1984 Miss Universe Australian entrant Donna Rudrum for the Pageant held in Miami in July of that year. It was originally worn with a necklace in the Museum's collection (SH 942323).

The design was not well received by the media of the day. It was criticized for its combination of Australian motifs: Aboriginal, the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Physical Description

Four piece ensemble consisting of: 1 A loose fitting coat appliqued and painted with aboriginal and Australian motifs, predominantly in black, mustard, blue and white. Front opening with no fastening. Features the Sydney Opera House and harbour bridge on the front and Aboriginal style animals on the back. 2 Top part of brown body stocking decorated with hand-painted dots in Aboriginal style in mustard, black and white. . 3 Bottom part of brown body stocking, decorated as above with extra Aboriginal style motifs. 4 Brown leather lap-lap, leather strap and back & front joined with cord thonging which tie around the waist.

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