This outfit was designed and manufactured in Melbourne by Prue Acton P/L in 1975, from fabric handpainted by Rae Ganim. It is a one-off garment, and was exhibited at the National Gallery of Victoria at the opening of the exhibition `Arts Victoria 1975' as part of a `Living Canvas' presentation (they were worn by living models.) Selected fashion designers were asked to present examples of their fashion philosophy for 1975 to complement the opening of the Schofield Collection of Costumes 1760-1939, which has recently been acquired by the Gallery.

Physical Description

This layered outfit consists of a cotton cape, cotton culottes, two cotton tops, and two cotton skirts: (1) Sleeveless 'cape' top falling from the shoulders and tying at the front. (2) Long culottes split at sides and fastened at hips with ties. (3) Sleeveless top in 'T' shape with square neck and loose dolman sleeves. Sides and sleeves are fastened with ties. (4) Short semi-circular wrap-around skirt. (5) Seamless square top with square cut-out neck outer faced with square collar. Fastened under arms with ties at sides. (6) Ankle-length wrap-around skirt. Outfit is assembled to create a layered look.

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