This dress was designed and manufactured in Melbourne by Prue Acton P/L in 1977, from fabric handpainted by Mac Tomlinson. According to donor and magazine reports, theme was inspired by a poem written by Prue Acton whilst walking on the beach on holiday. There is a photograph in the RMIT archive of it being worn by a model on the Don Lane Show, during a segment hosted by Prue Acton.

Physical Description

Summer dress of two layers of off-white georgette, the outer layer decorated with fish and oyster motifs and sprinkled with glitter. The dress falls waistless from a satin camisole neckline and is held by shoe- string straps attached to the front centre. Dress is very full and loosely flowing, giving a very whispy feeling. Opening under one arm is fastened by 3 buttons. Handkerchief hem is mid-calf length.

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