This suit was designed and manufactured in Melbourne by Prue Acton P/L in 1966. According to the donor it is a very early pantsuit which co-ordinated with a skirt (not in collection). It was featured in 'Go Set' magazine on 'Prue's Page', 2nd Febuary, 1966.

Prue Acton was photographed by Helmut Newton and Henry Talbot in this suit and a black version. Museum Victoria holds copies of both these images.

Physical Description

The suit consists of a twill jacket and pants. (1) Jacket is long-line tailored double-breasted with vent at the back. The short belt is buttoned to the back. The collar has sculptured revers. The front jacket features two false pockets and two rows of beige plastic buttons at fastening. The jacket is lined in beige polyester. (2) Straight legged hipster style pants with zippered front opening. Unlined.

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