Alternative Name(s): Flag

Victory Day, World War II, Pennant, dated 10 June 1946. It bears the flags of the United States, Great Britain, Australia and the USSR.

Physical Description

A navy blue pennant with a plain back. A strip of material 20mm wide has been sewn on the wide end, and there is a piece of the same about 100mm long, 25mm from the bottom, forms a tab. The pennant is shaped to a point on the right hand side. A yellow line 2mm wide end, 15mm from top and bottom and 60mm from the back goes around. 150mm from the back a circle 50mm wide has in white and pale blue outline a map of Africa, UK, Europe and USSR. Above the map are four flags in red, white and navy blue with yellow flag poles; they are USA, UK, Australia and USSR. A white and grey dove is across the centre between the flags. To the left and right of the circle is a scroll each side 70mm long and 14mm wide with the first two inscription words. There are blue stripes around the top of the first two flags and to the right base of the second flags which seem to be clouds. The 3rd two words are in yellow and orange print, the letter "V" 105mm high and other letters 25mm. Each letter of the word 'Victory' has a 5 pointed silver star with black outline in the centre.

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