Alternative Name(s): Butcher's Apron

Made by Victorian Master Butchers Ltd. The donor's husband, Henry Aldred, was a master butcher and used aprons such as this as part of a uniform which included a white coat, black trousers, collar and tie. This particular apron, however, was never used.

Part of the Aldred Collection, donated to Museum Victoria in 1990 by the family of Mrs M.E. Aldred. It comprises 173 objects, including cooking and laundering equipment, books, butchering equipment, games, cosmetics and first aid accessories. Henry Aldred, husband of Mrs Aldred, was a self-employed butcher who ran a butcher's shop on the corner of Bank and Montague Streets in South Melbourne. Mrs Aldred also worked in the shop and raised three children. Marriedin 1928, Henry Aldred died around 1972. Mrs Aldred continued living at their home in St Vincent Place, South Melbourne, until her death in 1989.

Physical Description

Butcher's apron, made of dark blue cotton with white stripes. Two black straps are sewn to the apron's sides so that when tied will give protection to the lower forepart of the body.

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