Alternative Name(s): Carpet, Rug

Kilim made by Mrs Sabir Bagdas circa 1993-1994. Sabir is a Kurdish weaver, born in 1898, who immigrated to Australia in the 1980s. The motifs, colours, tools and techniques used in this kilim are all traditional. The kilim uses Australian wool with Turkish natural dyes. Sabir used no pattern or design books in her weaving as she has memorised all the patterns. The tools she uses were made by a blacksmith in Turkey 150 years ago. The rug took 20 days to make, full time.

Physical Description

Traditional Kurdish kilim handwoven in scarlet wool with multicoloured geometric patterns picked out in green, yellow, black and blue. Work is fringed with the white cotton warp threads and has been worked in bands, first a red band, then a black stripe, then a multi coloured section, then a red band, then a black stripe and so on. The kilim is large and would be used as a rug.

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