Experimental issue brown leather cap issued by ANARE circa 1958 to all Antarctic expeditioners.

This is part of Museum Victoria's collection of artefacts from the post-war era of scientific exploration of Antarctica.

Physical Description

A brown leather hat or cap, the top of which is made from a flat, circular piece of leather from which the sides or walls of the cap extend down. The front face or wall of the cap is shorter than the others, and has a stitched seam in the centre. Below this is a jutting, semi-circular peak also made from brown leather. The wall along the sides and back of the cap extend down further so as to form a type of protective flap over the ears and back of the head. The inside of the cap is lined with rabbit fur which is brown, grey and cream in colour. On the reverse side of the peak of the cap there is some writing in blue pen.


This cap was an experimental issue but was not proceeded with in later years due possibly to the cost involved and the superiority of other head wear in use. This type of head protection was comfortable, warm and effective; and the second most common next to the use of woollen balaclava helmets worn under the hoods of ventile suits.

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