Alternative Name(s): Button

This badge was made by Patrick Bros., circa 1966 - 1971 and used in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. It was acquired during development of a peace exhibition, curated by Ron Vanderwal during the International Year of Peace, 1986.

Both 'Mobilise for Survival' and 'Stop Nuclear Madness' were extremely popular slogans that appeared in many different anti-nuclear campaigns worldwide. Mobilization for Survival was a Philadelphia-based coalition founded in 1977. 'Stop Nuclear Madness', for example, was the title used for both a 1979 book and a 1986 speech by influential Australian activist Helen Caldicott. This message was still used by Greenpeace Italy as recent as 2010 on their banners. This just serves to show the way anti-nuclear slogans functioned: they were absorbed into a common language of shared experience which then was appropriated by various groups worldwide to advance the same concerns and fight for the same goals.

Physical Description

The badge is circular with a white background, a green motif of a broken missile and a white dove and red printing which reads, "Mobilize for survival, Stop Nuclear Madness". It is of white metal with a single pin across the reverse side.

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