This medallion, known as the Trust Jewel, was worn by the Treasurer of the Rebekah Lodge. The Rebekah Lodge is the female auxiliary of the Independent Order of Oddfellows.

The Rebekah Lodges were founded in the early 1850s. Initially, the Rebekah Degree was granted at Odd Fellow Lodges, but by the 1880s the Rebekahs and Oddfellows conducted separate lodge activities. The name comes from the Biblical character of Rebekah. Rebekahs observe the Odd Fellows' creed of 'Friendship, Love and Truth', and are engaged in many social and charitable activities worldwide.

Physical Description

A jewel made of silver metal, shaped as a ring with a key in the centre at an angle. Both the ring and key are embellished with engraving and the word TRUST appears in the lower area of the ring. At the top of the jewel is a small applied ring with one pink and one green ribbon threaded through and knotted. One end of the pink ribbon has a small gold coloured safety pin attached.

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