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This badge was made circa 1970 - 1986 and used in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. It was acquired during development of peace exhibition, curated by Ron Vanderwal during the International Year of Peace, 1986.

Pine Gap is an American strategic military and surveillance facility in Alice Springs, Australia ran by the CIA and NSA. The Australian and American government signed the treaty in 1966 and operations began in 1970. The presence of the United States in Australia was seen as a sign of global violence so there were some protests against the facility in the 1980s, continuing into the 21st century. The first major protest against Pine Gap was a gathering of 700 women in 1983.

In 1987 some 300 people were arrested at a “Close the Gap” action organised by the Australian Anti-Bases Coalition and the Alice Springs Peace Group. People for Nuclear Disarmament were also involved in this protest. The protest took place in 1987 because it was the year the lease was about to expire so the different groups felt like it was the right moment to pressure the authorities into closing the base. The aim was to shed light on the nature of Pine Gap as a spy base, rather than the space research base it was claimed to be as well as its links with the nuclear weapons industry. In 1986 Alice Springs Peace Group also published a pamphlet titled “Pine Gap: Closed by the People” addressing the same issues. This badge belongs to the same movement. Protests against the base have continued into the 21st century.

Physical Description

Circular badge with black writing on a yellow background.

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