Alternative Name(s): Button

Shield shaped badge for the Queensland Blind Cricket Club manufactured by A.J. Parkes, circa 1950s-1980s. Organised Blind Cricket in Queensland began around 1946. The Blind Wattle Cricket Club was the first blind cricket club formed in Queensland in 1951, and the Queensland competed at the National Blind Cricket Championships in the mid 1950s. Queensland won their first Australian Blind Cricket Carnival Championship in 1988-89 after having finished runners-up five times in the preceding 36 years.

Physical Description

Shield-shaped red metal plated badge with green and gold decoration. Lettering: "Qld. Blind Cricket Club" is in gold, and there is a motif of a cricket bat, wicket and ball (all in gold) and a green pitch. There is a gold-plated vertical pin on back.

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