Alternative Name(s): Button, Pin

Australian Comforts Fund fundraising badge from World War I.

Early in World War I local women's groups in Australia began working to provide provide tobacco, cakes, puddings, condensed milk, sugar, biscuits, newspapers and other 'luxury' items to supplement the Australian soldier's army rations. These fund-raising bodies were amalgamated in 1916 to form a national body, The Australian Comforts Fund (ACF), which undertook to provide 'comforts' to all Australians abroad. The ACF grew into an enormous fundraising, collecting, sorting and distribution organisation that rivalled the Red Cross. Although men took some executive positions on national and state committees, the bulk of the administrative and manual work fell on a huge 'army' of unpaid women.

The ACF was dissolved at the end of the War, but had proved such a success as a link between home and the battlefield that it was revived in 1940 to supply 'comforts' for a new generation of Australian soldiers.

This particular badge was made by A W Patrick of 3 Unley Rd., Adelaide in 1918. The slogan 'All Comforts Free' is either a celebration of the fact that all the comforts supplied to the troops was done so free of charge or a plea to raise funds in order for this to continue.

Physical Description

Round metal badge with white background and a six pointed, red star in centre. White letters in centre of star. Name and address of maker on lower, outer rim. Pin at back fits into slot.

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